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The New Canaan YMCA Caimans Swim Team provides a supportive, instructive, and fun environment for swimmers of all abilities to grow. Under an experienced and dedicated coaching staff, we provide competitive and non-competitive programs for all ages, from developing strokes to competing nationally—all while gaining confidence and learning the importance of teamwork.

Non-Competitive Pre-Caimans Program

Pre-Caimans (Ages 6-10)

Instructional in nature and a beginning level for future Caimans swimmers. The group works on proper body balance and the coordination of each of the competitive strokes. Swimmers have the opportunity to participate in an optional inter-squad event at the conclusion of each 12-week session. To participate, swimmers must complete 25 yards of the front crawl with their face in the water and 25 yards of backstroke, both without stopping. Must also know butterfly and breaststroke. Please note: participants must schedule a try-out prior to registering for the Pre-Caimans program.

Caimans Competitive Swim Team Programs

Competitive Team Highlights

  • 2022 Connecticut Male Swimmer of the Year, Kalen Anbar
  • 2022-2023 USA Swimming National Club Excellence, Bronze Medal Club

Age-Group Program

Pride (Ages 8 & under)*

An introduction to competitive swimming. Swimmers must be able to complete 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and butterfly must have a minimum of technical flaws. The pride group focuses on developing stroke technique in all four strokes, learning competitive starts and turns, as well as developing a competitive underwater dolphin kick. Practices are offered four times a week so that swimmers can attend at least three.

Stars (Ages 9-10)*

The second level of the competitive program, Stars practices focus on perfecting starts, turns, and technique for all four strokes, as well as underwater dolphin kick. In addition, swimmers are introduced to practice sets and the use of the pace clock. Practices are offered five times a week so that swimmers can make at least four.

Juniors (Ages 11+)*

The third tier of the competitive program, Juniors practices begin the transition from technique to training. Practices focus on continuing to perfect stroke, turn, and start techniques while learning how to train their bodies to excel in competition. Practices are offered six times a week so that swimmers can attend at least five.

Senior Program

Senior (Ages 13+)*

The highest level of commitment in the Caimans program, Seniors concentrate on training for competition, in addition to stroke refinement. Swimmer will learn advanced race and training techniques in an effort to qualify for National level competition. Swimmers are required to attend practice six days a week. Double practices are encouraged for high school age swimmers, and are offered on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

*Age ranges are the average per each group; however, group placement is not based on age alone.

Caimans Swim Team Try-Outs

The Caimans are hosting an evaluation for the 2023-2024 season! Try-outs are located in the Valles Pool.

Upcoming Evaluation:

  • Wednesday, May 1; 5:00-5:45 PM
  • Wednesday, June 5; 5:00-5:45 PM

To schedule an evaluation, please contact Liz Blau at 203-920-1645 or [email protected].

Swimmers must meet additional criteria for placement in all of the above levels.  Try-outs for new participants can be scheduled throughout the year.  To schedule a try-out, please contact Liz Blau at 203-920-1645 or by email.

Forms & Resources

Online Registration & Program Brochures

Caimans Head Coaches

Brian Fazzino June 2018

Brian Fazzino

Director of Competitive Swimming / Head Coach / Head Senior Coach
Phone: 203-920-1637
Email: [email protected]

Coach Brian Fazzino returned to the New Canaan YMCA in 2018 after serving two years as the Head Coach of the Franklin Pierce University Women’s Swim Team. Brian was at the New Canaan Caimans between 2014-2016 as the Head Developmental Coach and as an Assistant Senior Coach. Prior to his time in New Canaan, Brian was the Head Senior Coach as well as the Assistant Coach for the National Training Group Eagle Swim Team in Owings Mills, Maryland. In 2012, Brian was the Head Age Group Coach at Gator Swim Club in Gainesville Florida. Prior to coaching at Gator Swim Club, Coach Brian was the Head Coach at the Northern Middlesex YMCA in Middletown, CT. Swimmers on these teams achieved tremendous success ranging from state records and championships to national qualifiers and Olympians.


Liz Blau 2022

Liz Blau

Associate Director of Competitive Swimming / Head Age Group Coach

Phone: 203-920-1645

Email: [email protected]